Fly by South™ White Dipping Sauce and Ghost Dipping Sauce vs. Ketchup…a comparison

 By: Brad Cousar, President
Let’s Eat Unique

Fly By South™ Ghost

I’ll start by saying, “I like ketchup.” In fact, there is a squeeze bottle of ketchup in my refrigerator at this very moment and it remains the stand-by condiment of most American households. However, one of the reasons I developed the Fly by South™ dipping sauces was to provide a healthy alternative that tastes great without the sugar, sodium, and carbs that you find in your average ketchup. While ketchup has several good qualities, let’s take a look at the nutrition facts of both Fly by South™ White Dipping Sauce and ketchup (catsup), as found on the USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory and compare (make sure you change the serving size to 2.0 tbsp. and “Apply Changes” to get an accurate comparison). These values are for the average ketchup and not any specific brand (I don’t want to start a war here).


Ketchup contains over seven grams of sugars in one serving, a little more than two (2) of your average sugar cookies.  Fly by South™ dipping sauces contain zero grams of sugars per serving.  The hint of sweet comes from a touch of cream and natural stevia.


Ketchup contains 308 mg of sodium per serving while the Fly by South™ dipping sauces contain 200 mg of natural sea salt in the same serving size.  It’s interesting to note that the FDA considers a product “low sodium” if it contains 140 mg, or less, per serving.


Ketchup contains just under nine grams of carbs per serving.   Fly by South™ dipping sauces contain just one gram, perfect for a low carb diet!

Fats and Calories:

Ketchup contains very little in the way of fats, both unsaturated and saturated, less than a gram, in fact.  Fly by South™ sauces contain eight grams of fat, 6.5 g of which is monounsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids (the good stuff) found in the Virgin Olive Oil.  So while the ketchup wins in the lower fat category, Fly by South™ sauces give you the health benefits of Olive Oil.  The Olive Oil in Fly by South™ sauces also accounts for the majority of the eighty calories per serving.

Gluten and Soy:

Fly by South™ sauces are all-natural, gluten-free, and soy-free.  Ketchup, on the other hand, can vary from brand to brand.   Most ketchup found in the US is free of gluten but many do contain soy.  Always check the label!

Fly by South™ White Dipping Sauce and Spicy Ghost Dipping Sauce give you a “tart-on-takeoff with a smooth hint of sweet-on-landing” flavor with no added sugars, less salt and carbs than ketchup and the healthy benefits of Virgin Olive Oil and no GMO ingredients.  They are the healthy sauces for healthy foods…and even foods that aren’t!



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