About Us

Fly By South™
Fly-by:  a celebratory, usually low-altitude, flight by one or more airplanes over a public gathering (as an air show)
Brad Cousar has spent years flying around the world as a military and commercial airline pilot. He has served multiple tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and other locations; he has flown ultra-long-haul routes to some of the world’s farthest destinations. Still, he wanted even more excitement (if you can believe that!)…and the concept for Fly by South™ was born. An Atlanta native, Brad grew up with traditional Southern cuisine on his plate; then his travels exposed him to a multitude of international foods and flavors. He attributes his focus on healthy eating to his wife, Hannah, who is always looking for new and better ways to serve their family the healthful foods they need with a flavor they want. Inspired, Brad decided to create a unique line of sauces for everyday use on meats and vegetables. Great tasting, natural, healthy, versatile, quick, and easy to use became his mantra. As a result, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and pork have never tasted better than with the tart-on-takeoff and smooth-on-landing flavors of Fly by South™ sauces. These sauces have been formulated to bring you maximum flavor with minimum effort using all-natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and low carb ingredients — and no mayonnaise! Each sauce contains just what it needs to deliver the perfect meal. Brad knew he had hit on the right formula when his children began asking for “Daddy’s sauce.” Whether you grill, bake, roast, sauté, or just pour it on, Fly by South™ gives you the ability to serve the meals you want on the schedule you keep. With no artificial preservatives, colors, or chemicals, Fly by South™ sauces deliver the flavor to your healthy meal.