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White BBQ Sauce


Fly South with this unique white BBQ sauce! Tart-on-takeoff and smooth-on-landing, it’s the all-natural, sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and low carb way to enjoy flavorful chicken, seafood, pork, and potatoes. Simply marinate for 30 minutes, then grill, bake, or panfry. When grilling, use medium heat and baste at every turn. To bake, place in uncovered baking dish at 350°F. Panfry using medium heat, and stir frequently. Use Fly by South™ White Dipping Sauce or the “comin’ in hot” Fly by South™ Ghost Dipping Sauce as the perfect wingman for a perfect meal.

Fly By South™ White Barbecue Sauce LabelMARINATE – COOK

Olive Oil
QimiQ® (Cream, Milk, Gelatin)
Sea Salt
All-Natural Spices
Egg White Powder
Xanthan Gum
Contains: Milk, Egg

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 2.75 x 10 in


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