The Fly by South™ Concept

By: Brad Cousar, President
Let’s Eat Unique

What makes Fly by South™ sauces…well…Fly by South™ sauces?  The concept!  We’ve made a line of sauces that gives you and your whole family a unique eating experience.  We know that the foods you should be eating don’t have the flavor you really want!  Chicken, seafood, and veggies just don’t inspire that mouth-watering craving that the less healthy alternatives do.  Think about the last time you really craved sinking your teeth into a skinless, boneless chicken breast or fish fillet—the staples of a healthy diet…hard to remember, isn’t it?  Let’s change that!  If you can give us 30 minutes, we can help you turn your skinless, boneless chicken breast or fish fillet into a mouth-watering, savory, and healthy meal. Give us a few seconds and we can add zing to your veggies or potatoes. Imagine a healthy, flavorful meal that won’t load you (or you kids) up with sugar, cholesterol, carbs, or fat.  Fly by South™ sauces are easy to use and complimentary to your healthy diet.  It’s perfect for your busy life style.  By the way, they’re all-natural, gluten-free, soy-free, no added sugars, and totally white!  How?  Read on….

White sauce…really?

What makes Fly by South™ sauces white?  The short answer is using the highest quality olive oil and vinegars.  Pretty simple ingredients that, when blended, turn a creamy white.  We add the highest quality sea salt, white pepper and just a touch of cream.  We round the sauces out with a secret blend of herbs and spices (you’ll notice these throughout) that give our sauces their unique flavor and maintain the creamy white color.  We finish with just a touch of all-natural, yet sugar-free, sweetness to give a tart-on-takeoff and smooth-on-landing experience!  No artificial ingredients, flavors, colors, or preservatives used…or needed! Our sauces contain no genetically modified ingredients, and, unlike any other white BBQ sauce, Fly by South™ sauces contain no mayonnaise. Caderslutherro .

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